Malcolm Mom Update: 3 Weeks In

So today marks three weeks with our Mini Australian Shepherd puppy, Malcolm. It seems like it has been so much longer but I feel so lucky to have such a sweet, smart pup on my hands. In my first post of 2019 I promised to share some more info around Malcolm and his 3 week anniversary at home with us seemed like the perfect time to do so!

Growing up I always had Labrador retrievers and I always just figured that I would get one as an adult too. CJ and I toyed with the idea of a dog for a while… and then we got a kitten. Our cat is such a good cat but she is a cat. I’ll admit she’s my first cat and cats are pretty dope. She’s super cool and I think it’s funny that she has an attitude and personality of her own. The stereotypes about cats are all so accurate it’s funny. I really am glad that we have the cat because she is super cool but as a dog person and having always been a dog person, I really felt like something was missing for me. So I began to do some exploratory research. Where I work in the Seaport there always seems to be Mini Aussies everywhere. I had never seen one until I came to Boston and I was in awe at how unique looking yet beautiful they are. So.. I decided, I wanted one.

I am an executer by nature. Be it with work, personal, or a clothing item –  the latter often getting me into trouble –  if I want something done I get it done. So, I re-brought up the idea of a puppy with CJ and he agreed to a Goldendoodle or Mini Aussie (I of course already had my heart sent on a Mini Aussie). I began looking up local breeders as I always did with my family dogs and come to find out there are no Mini Australian Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampsire, or Connecticut… at least not at the time I was looking. So.. I did something I never thought I’d ever do, I looked for one online. I came across a site, which looked a little less sketchy than the other online puppy sites… although huge opportunity for someone here to really fix this space because IMO all of the sites look illegitimate and like they’re going to steal your credit card info and maybe even identity.

Greenfield Puppies had a lot of really cute Mini Australian Shepherd puppies… and even more important, a lot of positive reviews. All of the puppies were based in Pennsylvania and it being such a crazy time of year there was no way I could get to Pennsylvania but they offered shipping (something again, I also never thought I’d do). I found a bunch of puppies and called/text the numbers associated with them. No one answered right away, except for Malcolm’s (formerly Cedric) breeder. Malcolm was the last of his litter looking for a forever home.

I honestly wasn’t sure if I was getting scammed or what but the breeder provided me with pictures from that morning of the puppy and all of his vet records so I decided to pull the trigger and I bought a dog…online… via PayPal. I was told he was coming in on an American Airlines flight that Friday and he did and it was love at first sight.

Below are some key highlights/points from our first 3 weeks together:

  • I’m obsessed with walking him. I’ve written before about the area we live in and how beautiful and scenic it is, but I feel much better walking with a dog. It’s more fun, I feel safer, and I also feel like I have a reason to be walking. Growing up we had 1+ acre of land with an electric fence for our dogs so we didn’t get to take them for a lot of walks because they got their exercise.
  • I want to say he’s potty trained but he had his first accident in like 2 and a half weeks tonight. But I’m not sure if it was an accident or what because he jumped up onto the arm of the couch next to me and just peed while looking me straight in the eye. That being said, I REALLY scolded him and he definitely knows that he was wrong. So hoping he’ll be back on track.
  • He’s so smart! He literally knew which apartment he lived in a few hours into being here. He knows the routine to get downstairs and to wait for the elevator and let everyone off before getting on.
  • He’s the friendliest dog I’ve ever met with people, dogs, the cat. He wants to say hi to everyone and he’s made so many puppy friends. I’ve also learned my neighbors’ names which I didn’t have to do until I got a dog!
  • He loves to run back and forth from the family room to the kitchen and back and forth in our apartment. This somewhat makes me feel bad because I know he’d love more space to play but CJ is working on putting together new dressers I bought from Target so our clothes won’t be everywhere and he can hang out in the bedroom too and I know when it’s not 7 degrees with an Arctic Chill since we live on the Atlantic, he will have a blast running outside.  I also may put him in agility classes which I think he’ll love.

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