My First Juice Cleanse

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I haven’t been the nicest to my body since moving to Boston and I haven’t been shy about sharing that. However, I’m on a mission to start. And after reading Rachel Hollis’ Girl Wash Your Face (read my blog post about it here), I decided to start now, not tomorrow, not next week, and not after the new year. With the holiday season fast approaching us, I figured it’s better to get ahead of it rather than dealing with the after effects. Knowing that I haven’t been strict on only eating the healthiest foods and also that Thanksgiving is this week (can you believe it?!) I thought now was the perfect time to try a juice cleanse. I have never done a juice cleanse before but knowing that Heidi Klum and Gwyneth see the value of “juicing,”, I decided to head straight for the Pressed Juicery on Newbury Street. It’s also cool now that I’m in Boston that I have these things so easily accessible.
I decided today was the day to not eat any solid foods and try this. To kick off this cleanse, I hit the 7:30 am CP2 class at CorePower in the South End because you can’t fully cleanse if you don’t sweat out all of the toxins and bad juju, right? The teacher was actually amazing and it was one of the best classes I’ve taken, although there were definitely some poses that were not working for me at all today which always bums me out.
When I got home from CorePower, I went straight for the fridge as I was starving and also super excited to start my day of juices. I purchased the 1 Day Cleanse 1 (plus the waters).
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You drink a total of 6 juices over the day and the schedule is as follows: :
1- Vanilla Almond
2- Greens 2
3- Roots 2
4- Citrus 2
5- Greens 3
6- Chocolate Almond
Chlorophyll Water – Drink throughout day
Aloe Water – Drink before bed
I felt I started out really strong quickly drinking the vanilla almond shake. It was actually delicious so I was feeling confident about the day ahead. I cracked opened the Chlorophyll water once I finished my first juice as they instruct you to drink it throughout the day. This was super refreshing and I was feeling super energized.
I had to bring CJ to work today around 11, so I made sure to take my second juice, Greens 2 for the ride. I found it was easier to drink the juices if I was taking them around while running errands like I did with this juice. It wasn’t the most delicious but it also wasn’t bad; it grew on me as I got through the bottle.
It wasn’t until my afternoon drink that I start to feel defeated. I continued to drink the Chlorophyll water in between juices but there was something about Roots 2 that I just couldn’t do. I drank about 1/12 of it and then had to put it back in the fridge. I didn’t taste the juices in the store because I wanted to do the full cleanse as suggested but I ended up skipping this one. I’m not sure of the pros/cons to doing this but figured it was ok if I followed the rest of the cleanse as directed.
At this point I was struggling to get through the juices. I didn’t realize how hard drinking juice would be. You’re just consuming so much liquid (and nutrients!) that you actually struggle to keep drinking them. Luckily, Citrus 2 was the best juice of them all. It was a lot lighter and a fruit juice with a pineapple base so I was able to easily drink this one. When I finished this juice I also finished the Chlorophyll water as well.
At this point I really felt a need to eat something. I wasn’t hungry and honestly everyone else in this world is probably stronger than me and can do mind over matter and not even think about food, but I figured because I skipped a juice and did CorePower that morning, I could give myself something small. In the store they recommend eating veggies, if anything but I actually just made one scrambled egg. I didn’t add anything to it. Just the egg as the point of the juice cleanse is eating raw.
After a couple hours I felt discouraged knowing I still had two more juices left. I decided to go grab juice #5 – Greens 3. This one was similar to the first Greens juice with just a slight difference. I milked this one for over an hour and drank 3/4 of it. Finally, I had to give up on it as I just couldn’t do it anymore and knew it was getting late and I still had another juice and water to consume.
The chocolate almond drink was good, a little chalky but good. I think what surprised me about this was was it’s loaded with calories (210 per serving and the bottle/cleanse portion is 2 servings). Pressed Juicery notes just about everywhere that this isn’t a weight loss solution, rather it’s about cleansing your body, ridding the toxins, and stepping into a raw food lifestyle. Again, I drank about 7/8 of this bottle before I finally tossed it because at the end of the day this cleanse is so. much. juice.
While I was totally hoping to drop 5 pounds in a day on this cleanse after all the seafood and vodka sodas I had during my first summer and fall in Boston which didn’t happen, I will say I do see the benefit in doing this. I was so conscious of what I was putting in my body the day of the cleanse and I think that’s way more important than doing something that makes you magically skinny overnight. Having gone through this experience I plan to begin to eat more raw foods and look at what I’m actually consuming. As I sit here drinking my aloe water, I’m definitely happy to have done this cleanse and would recommend everyone do it at least once. I’d also recommend doing it with a friend. I had one of my friends that I kept updated as well as CJ but I don’t think either of them really understood the process. I could totally see the benefit of doing the whole thing with someone so you can share updates and encourage each other.
Has anyone ever done a juice cleanse? Do you have any tips for someone who is juicing for the first time?

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