Weekly Recap: Alumni, BF Time, Juicing

I completely dropped the ball this week on fitness as a whole – enjoyable or not. While I’m definitely not feeling great about it, I’m reminding myself I’m human and that we can always pick up where we left off. And while I wish I had gone to the gym more than I did this week, I got to do so many other fun things that I don’t normally do so I’m excited to share those!
I certainly kept myself busy this week which I’m super proud of. I’m often dubbed a 23 year old grandma because I’m such a homebody and love being home so I’m excited to say that I did so many fun activities this week that I didn’t hit the gym at all… baby steps! Now I can work on being social and finding a way to wake up early and hit the gym in the am 😊.
  • My first alumni event: I graduated from Fairfield University in 2016. I was technically a part of the class of 2017 but ended up finishing a year early and leaving all my friends behind me for their senior year while I went into the real world. While I have no regrets finishing school early (and saving myself $65k yay private education), I definitely felt removed from all things alumni/school spirit especially since I was grouped in a different class year than my college friends. But, when I saw a Facebook event for a Fairfield Alumni event in Boston, I realized that was what I paid the $65k for the three years I was at school so I should force myself to attend. I am an introvert so going to an event where I knew no one was a little intimidating but I’m really proud of myself for making the effort to go (also the open bar because yay private school totally helped). I forced myself to talk to people that I didn’t know and also was able to reconnect with some names that I did once know which was kind of cool. There were a couple fun games (and I hate games so the fact I’m calling them fun is crazy… totally could have been the open bar though) that allowed me to get to know a few other alums and all in all it was a really great night. I totally want to keep going to these events and get more involved with my alumni association.
  • The Grinch: CJ and I went and saw the new Grinch on Tuesday night. I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet but I’ m SO ready to be in the Christmas spirit. It snowed here in Boston yesterday and today so I think it’s totally acceptable. I also bought my first Christmas present (for my sister) so I’m ready to be in full blown Christmas mode by the end of this weekend. Honestly, the new Grinch was incredible. CJ thought I was being dramatic but I thought it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. They did a really good job with it and I’d totally recommend going to see it.
  • Trivia: I didn’t just do my first alumni event this week, I also went to trivia for the first time in my life. There’s this place in Quincy called Assembly that I always drive by when I go to Big Y or the post office and it’s always looked really cool. I have been dying to try it and CJ & I both have been having a stressful couple of weeks so I suggested we give it a try seeing it’s four minutes from our apartment. It was a Wednesday night and so packed that we actually had to wait 20 minutes to be seated so I was super excited to be there (and that my recommendation had to be a hit). Little did I know that Wednesday is actually trivia night. I’ve never played trivia before but I was down for a fun activity that I could eat and drink while doing. While CJ and I came in absolute last place, I’m really proud my “useless pop culture knowledge” came in handy for a good 14 points and it was so much fun I’d consider doing it as a weekly thing.
  • Rosé & zucchini chips: Last night I was going to come home and go to the gym. But then I remembered I had planned to grab drinks and an appetizer (aka zucchini chips) at Committee in the Seaport with my best friend Ally. Ally and I have been best friends since we were little kids and now we both live in Boston, I’ve seen Ally twice in the four months I’ve been here, well last night makes 3, so we both know we have to make more of an effort. We aren’t even far from each other we’re just both total homebodies.
The last thing I want to post about before I throw on a sweatshirt and head to the market in my building’s lobby because I’m out of water bottles and am so dehydrated it isn’t even funny is what I journeyed all the way from the Seaport to Newbury Street after work in the freezing cold today for: Pressed Juicery! Because I dropped the ball this week and knowing Thanksgiving is less than a week away which means the rest of the holidays are upon us, I went and bought my first juice cleanse ever. I bought their Cleanse 1, 1 Day + waters and I’m super excited to give it a try. They were having a 5 for $20 sale so I actually got everything for cheaper than the 1 day cleanse which I’m super pumped about. The guy at the counter was also super helpful and informative so I’ll be giving this a go tomorrow. I’ll definitely plan to write a recap post afterwards to share. (Again no one reads my blog at this moment in time so I don’t get paid to review products, but I’d be happy to so if you have a product, hit me up!!)
Now off to the market I go in my snowflake fleece pajama bottoms… if my mom ever read this she would cringe. We were brought up trained to never ever ever leave the house in our pajamas and clearly I’m so terrified to the point where I’m even writing this stupid paragraph. This will be the first time I’m ever doing it. I’m thinking it’s ok because who the hell is going to be in my building lobby market at 9:00 on a Friday night? Most people have real social lives but I’m having flashbacks of being preached to as a 7 year old at Stop & Shop in Holyoke by my mother that only trashy people wear their pajama pants out of the house… totally going to buy the $4 Fiji water just to prove I’m not trashy in my pajama pants.
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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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