Chicken Pot Pie Date Night

CJ and I love cooking together. It’s honestly my favorite way to end a day and unfortunately with our schedules it’s not something we get to do every night. However, it makes it all the more special and fun when we do get to make dinner together. CJ is really good in the kitchen so when he has a recipe idea for dinner, I usually let him own it so I can’t get blamed for messing anything up. You can call me queen of the sides most nights ;). The other night we wanted to make something that we could both make together rather than having to split up to main course and sides. It was a cold, rainy night out so what better than the ultimate comfort food – chicken pot pie? Rather than making one to share, we went and got miniature personal pie dishes so we could make our own and also make a little competition of whose was the better chicken pot pie.

I’ve always been intimidated by chicken pot pie but it honestly was super easy to make and a ton of fun. The grocery store actually had a fresh “soup veggie” kit which made things super easy and then we only had to buy some chicken and pie crusts. Everything else was pretty much kitchen staples.

Now that fall is here and we’re heading to winter, if you’re looking for something fun to cook with your significant other, I’d definitely suggest doing a chicken pot pie night. I would post the recipe but CJ found it online and I’m not sure which one it was but we just found a recipe online and modified it to do two personal pies.

If you’re wondering who won… definitely CJ. Mine came out looking more like a dumpling than a pie but it was still a ton of fun and delicious.

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