Happy Saturday afternoon!

Hi everyone,

Happy Saturday and happy November! I cannot believe it is November but I’m also low-key very excited because as much as I love summer October through Christmas time really is my favorite time of the year. I’m also a bit more relaxed about it being 3:09 on a Saturday because I took this upcoming Monday off. The extra day is always so nice and with how my past week was, it is definitely needed.

I wanted to check in to see how everyone’s Saturday afternoons are. Work has been absolutely crazy as we work to launch our new national ad campaign so I haven’t been able to put the time into the blog that I’ve wanted to but I’m working on getting in the habit of blogging. I also attended an ANA Conference at Yale on Tuesday and while the content was really great, the 6 hours on the train were long and brutal so it definitely took me some time to recover.

It is a rainy and WINDY day here in Marina Bay. I brought CJ to work this morning so I was up and out of the house early but still feeling a bit bummy today. The dreary weather always does that to me. I’m also totally still in my pajamas as I forced myself to do the project CJ and I have avoided since we moved in back in mid August: the closet. While our closet is super spacious, it just really wasn’t designed for functionality and we haven’t yet gone out and bought a dresser so 29 out of the 30/31 days of the month we are unable to see our bedroom floor as clothes and laundry just end up everywhere.

Photo of the closet from before we moved in. Totally did not clear this all today.

I spent about 3 hours today organizing all of the clothes that were on the floor and getting them into the closet. It honestly was an exhausting project and the closet itself could still use work (or else I would’ve posted a beautiful closet pic) but I feel a lot better now that I can see the floor. The way the shelves are designed, it’s super difficult to get to the clothes that you fold and put on the shelf, so I’m still thinking through how to best set this bad boy up but step 1 is complete.

I’ve tried to do this project multiple times and I’ve never actually gotten as far as I did today so I’m pretty proud of myself. I always find myself sitting on the floor of the closet in the mounds of clothes just looking at it and moving a couple items but today I made a change and decided to not let myself sit down and it totally helped. That and I found a really great podcast, We Met at Acme that I threw on while digging out of the clothes. Now that I commute into the city I’m always looking for podcasts to try but haven’t found one that I feel I can get into other than NPR’s How I Built This. I came across this one this morning on Instagram and gave one of the recommended episodes a listen (Ep. 24) and it totally kept my interest and I couldn’t believe over an hour passed from when I turned it on.

CJ’s working until 8:30 tonight so I have a lot of time to myself which I haven’t had in a few weeks so I’m hoping to sneak in a hot yoga class later this afternoon as well. I’ve been OBSESSED with CorePower but I’m gonna hit a more low key hot yoga class at Open Doors Yoga Studio in Dorchester. I’ve gone a couple times and while it’s definitely not as fast paced or power flow as I like, I have a couple more classes as a part of a series I bought there and sometimes you need the more relaxing yoga classes while still being able to sweat it all out.

Boston friends: Does anyone have any other good hot yoga suggestions in the Dorchester/North Quincy/Braintree area?

All friends: I’m taking podcast recommendations! Anyone have anything good?

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